Boundless Playscape


About & History

The West Sedgwick County Sunrise Rotary Club (WSC-Sunrise) envisioned in 2002 an inclusive playground with features that gave all children of all abilities the opportunity to interact.  Over the course of six years, the Rotary, inspired by the plans and vision of Landscape Architect Steven Perry (McCluggage VanSickle & Perry, now GLMV), raised $1.5 million dollars in cash and in-kind donations which resulted in a 1.3 acre playscape on land donated by Sedgwick County.

The Sunrise Rotary Boundless Playscape was opened in 2008. It has 70% accessibility by wheelchair or walker, greatly exceeding ADA guidelines. This video below explains how important accessibility is for many families:

Since its first year, the Playscape has become a popular play destination for thousands of children of all abilities. Since 2008, the Sedgwick County Park’s visitor count has doubled from 500,000 visitors annually to 1,000,000 visitors.  The Sedgwick County park superintendent credits much of that increase to the Sunrise Boundless Playscape.

Eight years into heavy play, the Playscape is showing wear and tear. Plans were developed by the firm of Ruggles & Bohm for exciting expansion of the Playscape. Funding for expansion and to insure the Playscape’s pristine condition in the future is underway.

WSC-Sunrise Rotary, with the support of an affiliate committee, Friends of the Sunrise Boundless Playscape, are launching a capital campaign, Play it Forward.  The goal is to raise $1 million over three years.  The work will be completed as funds become available.


Planned Improvements to the Playscape include:


  • New Pathways and Seating Area
  • New Cimbing Structure
  • New Amazin’ Maze area
  • Sound Garden Expansion – install new sound equipment and retaining wall
  • Maintenance, Security & Enhancements to existing playscape

2018-2019 – New West End Area Development:

  • Accessible Merry-Go-Round
  • Natural Play Area – climbing & stepping rock structures
  • Picnic/Shade Area
  • Benches & Shade Sails
  • Generational Swing – allowing parent-child to swing together
  • Running Track & Play Surface
  • Landscaping Enhancements


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